Core Values


We work best with those that show compassion for others. We are socially aware, self-aware and tuned in to recognise the needs of others. Empathy is key to creating social impact, big or small and is at the heart of our success.


Instilling self-worth and nurturing helps our people reaching their full potential. In turn this makes a positive impact on peoples’ lives and those they help in their work.


We recognise transparency and honesty saves time, increases efficiency and builds mutual respect – it also create fairness and equality. We openly exchanging thoughts, ideas and information resulting in trust and pride in what we do.


We believe consistency in our communication and the way we manage our commitments is key to building trust. We are dependable, not only for the service we provide, but also for how we carefully manage and develop our relationships.


We value each person as an individual, respect their aspirations and privacy. We acknowledge our duty of care including the well-being and safeguarding, of all.


We believe in collaborating openly, having a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience as well as learning from one another – this will ultimately accomplish more, faster and therefore lead to greater things.