*Trading 8 years today*

8th APEX Anniversary

I have been thinking about the last 8 years and the wonderful journey the company and myself has gone through.  Its been an amazing 8 years…. what a success it has been.

I owe a huge thank you to a lot of people along the way and especially Christie Horton who has been a huge part of our organic growth.

Yes we are a business but I feel we are so much much more…. over the years the people we work with have become professional friends and it is a vocation and not a ‘job’ to have supported and worked with some many wonderful people.

Through the current climate,  I have worked tirelessly with Christie to support everyone with new legislations, furlough, pay, work, delivering food parcels and ‘always being there’.  To have thrived through this last 18 months and be where we are today is so humbling.

Our staff team in the office is a great ‘work family’ and thank you to you all for being amazing.

Again it is with so much pleasure to everyone who has been a part of our 8 year journey and look forward to you all continuing to work with us at Apex Education Recruitment.

‘A testimony to do what we love, as we love what we do.’

Karen Maynard, Founder and Director

Office closure for Christmas 2021

Welcome back

  Back to the new term 2022

  • We hope you’ve had a restful break and feeling refreshed for 2022 to begin.
  • Please monitor Governments COVID guidance but also your school’s website for individual advice and policies.
  • Continue with lateral flows and do one prior to you returning and inform us accordingly of your result.
  • Please update us on your vaccine status as you move along the vaccine program.

We will be available for urgent queries about work from 5pm on 3 Jan 2o22 or from 7am on 4 Jan 2022

via our office numbers 01322 741041/ 01375 806162.


               We look forward to working with you all again in 2022.

Christmas Greetings 2021

Video – candidates talking about working with us

Client Video testimonial


This video touched us all at the Apex Office.  It was made without any Apex input or seeing the response before the final video editing and I believe it highlights the fantastic rapport we have with our schools.  This testimonial is truly amazing – something that would be very hard to replicate with actors – it is so spontaneous and heartfelt.   Thank you so much Mrs Morris it is wonderful to work with you and your staff team.

Karen Maynard – Director

Positive steps during the School Holidays

For many of us either working as key workers or at home;  work over the pandemic has become harder and harder to switch off from.

As a team from January 2021, we realised we could potentially burn out if we didn’t change; now our working day we have 2hr breaks in the day enabling outside walks and fresh air.  As we work in front of screens a lot of the day this has been extremely positive for us as a team.  We feel so much more refreshed each day, we are happier, our sleep patterns are better and productivity has increased.

For everyone work/life balance is individual but we can all make a positive change for ourselves.

Burnout can happen, you may feel irritable, tired, anxious, work production dip, physical symptoms like headaches and disruptive sleep etc…..

As we approach the school holidays, try to create at least one thing that you can change for the better to make yourself feel more positive each day.

Enjoy your break everyone, continue to stay safe and feel more positive.


We are working next week and can be contacted 9am – 4pm

Photos were taken on our walks


If however, if you feel you are not coping there is support, don’t be on your own.   http://www.mind.org.uk  or call 0300 123 3393



Thank you to Schools

THANK YOU for your Work in Schools

A huge and heartfelt thank you….

  • To all of the amazing Headteachers and staff who have worked tirelessly since March and through Term 1 of 2020
  • To all the teachers, teaching assistants and school support staff in all our Medway, Kent, Greenwich, Thurrock, Essex & Havering schools . Would love to name you all individually, you know who you are.


We want to thank you and show our full appreciation – especially so this year – for your hard work and dedication during what has been a difficult and challenging year.

Have a well deserved rest over the holiday



PAYE & IR35 Payroll

PAYE &  IR35 payroll

Apex Education Recruitment has and always will process payroll via the HMRC PAYE system.

IR35 Rules are changing from April 2021 for all businesses who outsource to umbrella payroll companies, contractors or have self employed workers.

Doing PAYE payroll inhouse we have always been subject to and therefore paid Employers National Insurance and Employers Pension contribution; we have bore the costs of these as a company.

The IR35 rules therefore will not affect us.

We want to reassure all our clients that we will continue to pay employers NI and pension via PAYE therefore IR35 rules are not applicable to our business.

More information about the changes to IR35 rules are found on the gov.uk website