Our Work with SEND

At Apex Education Recruitment our management team are teachers and recruiters with over 2 decades experience; we have seen an increasingly higher number of SEND students in schools particularly in the last 5 years and have been supporting the SEND provision since 2014.

We see our work as privileged to support you as schools and ultimately the students with special needs to help enhance their learning and social development.

We will:

  • Work in partnership with you as a school, with the staff you want us to work with; Head, SENDCO, class teachers, LA
  • Understand each student’s requirement fully to engage the right solution for their learning; staff, environment and support package
  • We work with the EHCP (where applicable) and remain in the confidential bubble for that student to fully support their need
  • Make sure the staff supplied have the right skills for the given need
  • Support the staff member and you as a school once work has started to make sure everything is progressing well and in a positive way
  • Where possible, meet you personally on site to gain a greater understanding of the environment, needs and provision you are needing support with

We support all areas within SEND provision:

  • Any SEND requirement that needs staffing; we will bespoke and work with you as a school or LA
  • 1-1, group, or whole school requirements
  • We work with SEND schools, provisions and SEND within mainstream
  • We have supported education out of the school environment if the student cannot access education in school

We understand:

  • Financial constraints and the funding process with the LA
  • Our costs are kept to a minimum; you only pay for the hours a worker is engaged
  • Every Child Matters and Every Adult Matters; to get the right people to work with students makes a huge difference to the student and the lives of everyone in the school community.
  • Most areas of SEND, the traits, triggers and skills needed in someone to eliminate negative behaviour and promote positive learning environments

Send us an enquiry or call us to discuss any individual requirements in more detail.

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