Schools Safeguarding Policy

Apex Education Recruitment ensures everyone knows they have a responsibility for ‘Keeping Children Safe’ from the first moment they are working with children.

With our teaching, recruitment, and HR experience since early 1990’s, screening quality and the suitable of candidates is very stringent

See our full compliance completed before we ascertain any work offers.

All candidates are child safeguard trained and we ensure they are kept up-to-date every year.

Any information gathered that would stop someone from working will be viewed and may result in the application being withdrawn at this stage.

We are honest and transparent with schools at all times whilst following GDPR guidelines.

We ask our schools to treat our candidates the same as any new worker to ensure they have access to your safeguarding policy and procedures and any other relevant procedures for ‘Keeping Children Safe’ whilst working in your school.

Apex Education Recruitment expect all candidates to:

  • To make sure they know who the designated safeguarding officer(s) are in each school they work in
  • Follow all safeguarding policies and procedures and know them either from the website or induction
  • To raise any concerns straight away to the safeguarding officer or management team at Apex Education Recruitment
  • To know the whistleblowing policy of each school if the candidate feels they cannot raise a concern with either party above or can go direct to LADO or NSPCC
  • To conduct themselves in a professional manner with safeguarding of children as a priority and strict workings under the schools policy and procedures

Failure to comply with strict safeguarding policies and working practices may result in the candidate being withdrawn from working with Apex Education Recruitment.

Any safeguarding concerns raised will be followed through by the schools safeguarding procedure and/or with Karen Maynard, Director of Apex Education Recruitment and any parties who need to be involved in any investigation.