Absence procedure

In an emergency out of hours:

ONLY call the office numbers: 01322 741041 / 01375 806162

Available from 7am and must be called by 7.15am or by 9pm the night before

Do not send a text or email or call mobiles as you will be deemed as absence without notice.

We appreciate people are ill, if you are unwell or unable to attend an assignment for whatever reason we need to be made aware ASAP.

If you can appreciate the logistics of covering can be time consuming and time is of the essence, we need to all work together in the event of:

  1. If it is emergency cover we are available from 7am and must be called by 7.15am on the number above in order to resolve cover with the client.
  1. If on a longer term assignment you can inform the client but WE must also be informed so your pay is correct.
  1. Please call the office before the school day ends (before 3.30pm if possible) to inform how you are feeling and if you are fit to return or not in order for us to have time to resolve cover or offer work to someone elsewhere who may have been covering you.
  1. Any appointments where possible must be made outside of your working hours. If you do need to have time off we require a letter for authorisation.  If you are not working please inform us you are not available and we will not require a letter of authorisation.
  • If you are running late, please contact us asap for us to inform the client on an ETA
  • Once an assignment has been confirmed for whatever length of time – i.e. day, week, term, on-going basis etc. This becomes a binding agreement with our terms and our expectations are that the assignment is fulfilled for the length of the commitment.  As professionals we wouldn’t want students to be left without a member of staff.
  • If you cannot complete the assignment for whatever reason, please keep in contact with us for on-going support to resolve any issues. If you are giving notice we will discuss a fair and just timeframe with you as each assignment is different as per your terms; failure to do so would be a breach of your contract.

Clients do have the levy to end an assignment if it is not working out for whatever reason or logistically (i.e. funds are reduced).  We will in most circumstances prioritise future work for you ASAP.