Positive steps during the School Holidays

For many of us either working as key workers or at home;  work over the pandemic has become harder and harder to switch off from.

As a team from January 2021, we realised we could potentially burn out if we didn’t change; now our working day we have 2hr breaks in the day enabling outside walks and fresh air.  As we work in front of screens a lot of the day this has been extremely positive for us as a team.  We feel so much more refreshed each day, we are happier, our sleep patterns are better and productivity has increased.

For everyone work/life balance is individual but we can all make a positive change for ourselves.

Burnout can happen, you may feel irritable, tired, anxious, work production dip, physical symptoms like headaches and disruptive sleep etc…..

As we approach the school holidays, try to create at least one thing that you can change for the better to make yourself feel more positive each day.

Enjoy your break everyone, continue to stay safe and feel more positive.


We are working next week and can be contacted 9am – 4pm

Photos were taken on our walks


If however, if you feel you are not coping there is support, don’t be on your own.   http://www.mind.org.uk  or call 0300 123 3393